The Low Floor Traffic Management Vehicle has been designed to overcome the challenges faced by the Traffic Management fleet operator.

The Low Floor Traffic Management Vehicle has been designed to overcome the challenges faced by the Traffic Management fleet operator.

The vehicle not only offers a safer environment for operatives to work off reducing potential injury when loading and unloading, but also improves enormously on efficiency and whole life costs when compared against a traditional vehicle fitted with a tail lift.

With up to double the carrying capacity of a conventional 3.5 ton traffic management vehicle, the LCVT vehicle can fulfil a dual role maximising its utilisation.

Based around a proven commercial low floor chassis conversion which allows the vehicle to be totally flexible either when being used for lane closure work or the delivery to site of temporary traffic light systems.


Client Testimonials

  • Site Safe Traffic Solutions Liverpool

    Having taken delivery of our first 2 LCVT Low Floor Traffic Management Vehicles over 8 months ago the feedback from Operatives has been nothing but positive. The vehicles additional payload and usability with regards the low floor height has meant that operationally we can be far more efficient and therefore profitable. As existing high floor vehicles come off fleet we will be replacing them with LCVT Low Floor units.

    Chris Hyland
    Contracts Manager

  • Amberon Ltd

    Amberon have a significant number of Low Floor Traffic Management vehicles in the fleet, and have reaped the benefits in a number of areas; operational efficiencies, significant cost savings, and flexibility relating to the high payload and low bed height. The crews on the vehicles find the ease of access due to the low floor when loading and unloading a major benefit.

    The additional payload the vehicle offers in some instances has meant rather than sending out two high floored vehicles with tail lifts we have only needed to send one Low Floor vehicle.

    Terry Musson
    Managing Director

Safety Is Key

Operatives health and safety were the key drivers with regards the innovative safety features of the vehicle. The low floor height combined with a slip resistant floor and high visibility step edge markings ensures whatever the weather conditions loading and unloading of equipment is easier and safer than existing vehicles used extensively in the sector.

Driver rear vision through the bulkhead window allows operatives and equipment to be viewed when the vehicle is in service.

We are happy to build on free issue donor vehicles or take advantage of our own stock vehicles always readily available and benefiting from LCVT strong discount terms which we pass directly onto you the customer.

Options Available

  • Optional solid rear bulkhead for LP13 directional arrow
  • Ability to tailor vehicle to specific applications
  • 4,250kg variant available
  • LED repeater lights to the front and rear of the vehicle
  • LP13 illuminated directional arrow
  • Storage rack for signage
  • Type approved tow bar with 2,300kg towing capacity
  • CCTV camera system

With a full height bulkhead which incorporates a series of rubber buffers across its width and lashing points either side, signage and other equipment can be secured quickly and safely.

Recessed lashing rings (x12) located in the vehicle floor allows traffic lights and other on-board equipment to be easily strapped down, and smaller items such as lighting and batteries can be stored safely in the lockable side lockers.


The vehicles low floor allows loading to take place both directly off the side of the vehicle or by using LCVT’s load certified bi-fold loading ramp at the rear of the vehicle. The ramp has been designed to minimise wind resistance when the vehicle is being driven and offers an exceptional level of grip by way of a punched mesh surface to ease loading and unloading of temporary traffic lights and equipment.