Crucial to the success of the Low Floor Tool Hire vehicle is the low frame chassis conversion carried out by LCVT.

The chassis has been specifically designed for use in a commercial environment. The chassis head (connection point with the base cab) sleeves up into the original cab chassis and is then fixed by a series of 15 specially designed bolts, per head, combined with a unique shim system ensuring the interface is equal to, if not stronger than the original chassis.

With not only the braking assembly but also the rear suspension being taken of the donor vehicle, ride comfort is assured whether the vehicle is empty or fully loaded.

With a floor height of only 500mm loading of any equipment is both safer and quicker than traditional chassis derived alternatives.

Payload is another key feature of the vehicle, and we have focused on each key component of the body to ensure weight is kept to a minimum without compromising strength and durability. Vehicle payload is up to 1,500kg* allowing the vast majority of equipment and light plant to be carried, and with a gross train weight of 6,000kg the vehicle has the capability to tow 2,300kg meaning it is totally flexible.


The vehicle can be supplied with either a tailgate option or individual ramps with body lengths available from 3,000mm to 4,000mm.

We are happy to build on free issue donor vehicles or take advantage of our own stock vehicles always readily available and benefiting from LCVT strong discount terms which we pass directly onto you the customer.

Options Available

  • Tailgates & Ramps
  • Light weight assister ramps
  • LED Light bar
  • Vehicle straps
  • ABS locker box
  • Winch
  • Work lights