The fantastic payload offered by the Ultima car transporter is only half the story where this vehicle is concerned.

Designed from the ground up on a chassis conversion design for specifically for a commercial application, the vehicle not only offers 1,620kg* of payload but with an extended wheelbase of 4,300mm the weight distribution of the vehicle being carried is better spread over the front and rear axle.

The Ultima takes full advantage of LCVT’s unique aluminium perforated plank which not only benefits the overall kerb weight but offers extremely high levels of grip in all weather conditions. Unlike the majority of commercial bodybuilders who use either a sticky tape or paint on surface both of which quickly wear, the perforated plank from LCVT will last the life of the vehicle without needing any form of maintenance.

A further unique feature of the chassis is the fact it utilises all of the rear suspension setup of the donor vehicle, ensuring ride comfort is not compromised whether the vehicle is loaded or empty, and ensures ongoing maintenance is simple by the use of O.E parts.

*payload based on no spare wheel on board or driver and a quarter of a tank of fuel.


We are happy to build on free issue donor vehicles or take advantage of our own stock vehicles always readily available and benefiting from LCVT strong discount terms which we pass directly onto you the customer.

Options Available

  • Winches
  • LED light bar
  • Assister ramps
  • LED Work lights
  • Locker boxes
  • Vehicle straps